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Social Justice

The "Earn Your Way Out Act" from Shavonda E. Sumter is aimed at reducing recidivism and improving rehabilitation

We want folks to be successful when they

Assemblywoman Shavonda E. Sumter on her bill to restore voting rights to individuals on parole or probation, signed into law Dec.19, 2019 by Governor Phil Murphy


The new law (A-314), known as the “Isolated Confinement Restriction Act,” prohibits the use of isolated confinement in correctional facilities unless there is reasonable cause to believe that it is necessary to reduce the risk of serious harm to the inmate in question or others. A facility is responsible for justifying the use of isolated confinement.

Under the law, inmates are required to receive a personal and comprehensive medical and mental health examination, conducted by a medical professional, before being placed in isolated confinement. An inmate also must be afforded the opportunity to contest the confinement with 72 hours of placement and must be removed from isolation if the facility administrator determines that he or she no longer meets the standard for isolated confinement.

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