Maternal Health

Black mothers are 5Xs more likely to die than white mothers in New Jersey, which is ranked 45th in the nation for overall maternal health.


We passed a package of bills most recently in the Legislature where we had 80-member support for dealing with the reproductive health of African American women. 60% in the state of New Jersey have mortality rates that should not occur at this point in time, where we’re actually losing lives of the mother and the baby in a country where we had advanced medicines. So we’re really working on policies right now that will increase access, a payer source for mothers, a doula service


Coping with COVID-19

During these unprecedented times, being aware of your health even your mental health is very important. Assemblywoman Sumter offers mental health tips daily via her social media platforms to help empower people. 

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Shavonda also serves as the Associate Vice President of Behavioral Health Services at Hackensack UMC Mountainside Hospital for several years and knows what it’s like to deal with undiagnosed or untreated health conditions.


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